In recent years, casamontaña as part of its pledge to give back to society a part of what we get from it, has enthusiastically developed a plan of social commitment in the fields of culture, sport and wellbeing.


casamontaña is keen to maintain a commitment to Society. For this reason, we are members of the Eutherpe Foundation, an organization dedicated to the development of music and the promotion of young classical musicians. To this end, we have been partners and co-sponsors of the Foundation’s concerts in Valencia in recent years.

Similarly, and also in the field of culture, in 2013 we had the honor of sponsoring the 23rd Valencian Literary Awards.

We also want to maintain our commitment to youth and sport. casamontaña supports a soccer team formed of healthy youngsters and food lovers called Casa Montaña – CUC Chacarita.

At casamontaña, we believe that we have to give back to society part of what society has granted to us. So every week we select a different wine, which we name “Solidario”, and donate 7% of its price to the RED CROSS-AIXEC Foundation, a body that supports people with cerebral palsy.

In recent years we have also organized “Solidarity Social Gatherings”, aiming to recall and revive the original purpose of the tavern and to recreate the spirit of that age. In this way, we have been able to support voluntary organizations, both local and international, such as Acción Contra el Hambre, Caritas, La Casa de La Caridad, FSMA, ASPANION, La Comunidad de San Pablo in Ethiopia, and many more NGOs and similar associations.

In such ways we want to make a modest contribution towards sustaining links that bind society together in shared values.