Although it is not our main role, for this first phase we have instituted a TAKEAWAY system in which you can pick up our delicious food at our restaurant. Our Chef has selected those classic items that keep us all together, while specially adapting them under our same high standards of quality.

Vermouth accompanients
Manzanilla table olives Serving dish 2.35€
Valencian peanuts. Traditional Variety Serving dish 1.,25€
Roasted almonds Serving dish 2.50€
Altramuces (lupin beans) Serving dish 1.25€
Gilda/1 anchovy fillet, 1 piparra green pepper, 2 oliv 2.95€
V-2 / 2 filetes de anchoas, 2 de boquerón, 2 mejillones, oliv 10.,70€

Garden produce
Michirones, stewed broad beans. Traditional Variety / Small plate 4.,10€
Sautéed baby broad beans with 100% Bellota (oak fed) Iberian Ham 8.45€
Patatas Bravas from the Montes Universales. (rainfed fried potatoes with garlic and spicy sauce) Small plate 4.,45€ - Plate 8,90€
Traditional Variety specially selected tomato salad 6.,00€
Ajoarriero (potato-cod paté) sobreserved on `Coqueta valenciana´ Unit 2.50 €
Tuna and potato salad Unit 2.,75€
Butter bean hummus. Traditional Variety / Mollete Flatbrea 2.,75€
Salmorejo, individual cold tomato soup (summer) 4.,70€
Gourmet consommé (winter) 2.,30€
Traditional Variety onion soup (seasonal) Gourmet (winter) 6,.50€
Warm leek in truffle vinaigrette 2.,75€
Grilled artichokes Alcachofas a la plancha D.O. Benicarló (winterinvierno) Plate 6.,70€
Free-range scrambled eggs with seasonal vegetables Plate 7.00
PPadrón green peppers Small plate 4.,50€ - Plate 9.,00€
Piquillo red pepper Unit 3.,60€

Fish, mussels and squid
Fresh anchovy in vinegar Fillet 1.15€ - Plate 6.90€
Filleted anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea Fillet 2.,80€ - Whole filleted 3.80€ - Plate 16,.80€
Smoked Sardine Fillet 2.50€
Pickled sardine and aubergine / montadito (canapé 2.50€
Smoked eel with sprouts and brunoise cut vegetables Fillett 5,.90€
Mediterranean bluefin tuna marinated in 7 spice 8,.90€
Steamed Clóchinas, Valencian mussels (sprrping-summer) Small plate 5,.20€ - Plate 10,.40€
Fried fresh anchovies, fished from the Bay of Castellón Small plate 4,.10€ - Plate 8,.20€
Grilled sardine, fished from the Bay of Castellón Small plate 4,.50€ - Plate 9€
Codfish croquettes Unit 2,.10€
Brandada de Bacalao (cod brandade) montadito (canapéPlate) 8,702,.95€
Cuttlefish with Traditional Variety onion Plate 8,.40€
Grilled fresh calamari (Squid) Plate 17,.95€

Gourmet preserves
Delicatessen, P.D.O. Rías Gallegas cockles 20/25 units 24,.75€
Delicatessen. P.D.O. Rías Gallegas cockles 30/35 units 21,.50€
P.D.O. Rías Gallegas razor shells 4/6 units 10,.20€
P.D.O. Rías Gallegas mussels Unit 1,.40€
P.D.O. Rías Gallegas mussels 6/8 units 9,.60€
P.D.O. Rías Gallegas mussels extra 4/6 units 14,.50€
Ventresca de Bonito, longfin tuna belly Small plate 11,.80€
Bonito del Norte, tuna 7,.20€
Small squid in their own ink 6/8 units 6,.70€
Small sardines in oil 4,.10€
Select combination of P.D.O. Rías Gallegas seafood 42,.50€

Meats, sausages and cured pork
100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, black label Small plate 16,.00€ - Plate 25,.00€
Cecina de Leon, smoked beef (garnished with paprika and lemon) Small plate 6,.50€
100% acorn-fed Iberian pork loin Small plate 7,.80€
Chorizo de Burgos Small plate 6,.90€
Valencian “white sausage” longaniza Unit 2,.15€
Txistorra “red sausage” from Irura Unit 2,.15€
Artisanal Chorizo sausage in cider Unit 2,.75€
Morcilla de Burgos, blood pudding sausage Canape 2,.75€
Quail in escabeche sauce 6,.65€
Sirloin from specially reared cattle. Served in chunks with green garlic shoots Plato 21,.50€

Gourmet cheeses
Dehesa de Los Llanos, Gran Reserva, cured Manchego sheep cheese Small plate 5,.20€ - Plate 10,.40€
Sierra de Espadán, Los Corrales, fermented sheep cheese Small plate 5,.20€ - Plate 10,.40€
Finca Pascualete, creamy sheep cheese wheel Unit 12,.40€
Goat cheese with caramelised peppers Canape 2.75€

* Ask us for our charcuterie meats to take home

Holy Week specials
Pepito de titaina (deep fried bread rolls stuffed with vegetables and tuna) Unidad Unit 3,.25€
Sardine in escabeche sauce (only during Holy Week) Unit 1,.40€
Potaje de vigilia (chickpea and codfish stew)con bacalao 6.50€
Torrija de pan artesano (traditionally prepared French toast) 3.10€

Homemade bread
Hearty rustic bread with "tetilla" (highly hydratedPan rústico de Tetilla (alta hidratación) Portion 0,.80€
Gluten-free bread Porción Portion 1€

Sweets and desserts
Russian cake (a rich cake with hazelnut and almond filling) 3,.60€
Tocinito de cielo (similar to creme brulée) with traditional variety tomato jam 2,.65€
Tocinito de cielo without jam 2.45€
Artisanal chocolate truffles 1,.60€
Triple-chocolate cake 4.80€
Lemon mousse cake 4.80€
Turrón (almond nougat) mousse cake 4.45€
Pionono (small pastry from Santa Fe, Granada) 3,.75€
Artisanal whiskey cake made by the Nuns of the Iesu Communio Convent 4,.90€
Casa Montaña’s cheescake with our quince paste and jelly 5.90€
Traditional artisanal Valencian seasonal orange-based dessert (winter) 5.00€
Sliced Valencian seasonal orange 3,.20€
Freshly squeezed orange juice from Valencian oranges (winter) 2.95€