A selection of wines from D.O. Rioja to accompany our most traditional tapas served since the founding of our restaurant in 1836..

  • Mediterranean bluefin tuna marinated in 7 spices
  • Mixed tasting of acorn-fed 100% Iberian black label ham and Zamora chorizo
  • Michirones, stewed broad beans
  • Stuffed Piquillo red pepper
  • Padrón green peppers or Piparra de Ibarra (Depends on Season)
  • Codfish croquette
  • Tempered leek in vegetable vinaigrette
  • Sirloin from specially reared cattle. Served in chunks with green garlic shoots
  • Artisan bread from the San Bartolomé Bakery
  • Artisanal chocolate truffle and a Huescan pastry finger with hazelnut and almond cream
  • Expresso coffee



  • Fos Baranda 2018 D.O. Rioja
  • Contino Viña el Olivo 2019 D.O. Rioja
  • Jesus Madrazo Selección 2018 D.O. Rioja

*Water included


*The tapas of this bonus/menu may vary, as they are subject to seasonal availability.

This voucher is valid only with a prior reservation, indicating its number.

No expiry. Valid any day of the week.

Price per person: 80 VAT included

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