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Construction work on the access street to Casa Montaña

Dear visitors,
Please be advised that one of the access streets to Casa Montaña will be temporarily closed from August 7 to October 8 due to municipal construction work.
For your convenience, we remind you that you can use our parking area, as indicated on our web site. You may also access the restaurant from José Benlliure Street and Escalante Street.
We thank you for your understanding and apologise for the inconvenience.

Casa Montaña Team


A selection of our most traditional tapas since 1836, accompanied by the great wines of Spain.

  • Mediterranean bluefin tuna marinated in 7 spices
  • Mixed tasting of acorn-fed 100% Iberian black label ham and Zamora chorizo
  • Michirones, stewed broad beans
  • Stuffed Piquillo red pepper
  • Padrón green peppers or Piparra de Ibarra (Depends on Season)
  • Codfish croquette
  • Tempered leek in vegetable vinaigrette
  • Sirloin from specially reared cattle. Served in chunks with green garlic shoots
  • Artisan bread from the San Bartolomé Bakery
  • Artisanal chocolate truffle and a Huescan pastry finger with hazelnut and almond cream
  • Expresso coffee


  • Belondrade y Lurton 2021 D.O. Rueda
  • Quincha Corral 2019 D.O. El Terrerazo
  • Torremuga 2019 D.O.Ca Rioja


*Water included

*Ask us about our vegetarian, vegan and non-gluten options.

*The tapas of this bonus/menu may vary, as they are subject to seasonal availability.

This voucher is valid only with a prior reservation, indicating its number.

No expiry. Valid any day of the week.

Price per person: 120 VAT included

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