Casa Montaña in February 2022 became the first company in Spain to obtain the Tourism Sustainability Certificate

The Spanish Institute of Tourism Quality emblem takes on special importance by giving credence to the commitment made by the company in recent years for environmental, social and economic sustainability. Among the most important goals promoted is sustainable tourism, which goes far beyond respect for the natural environment, by including the preservation and creation of local resources and occupational welfare.

We have calculated, reduced and compensated for our carbon footprint annually since 2021

As part of our Quality and Sustainability Policy we have the goal of knowing our yearly volume of greenhouse gas emissions, such that we can develop an emissions reduction plan and compensate through reforestation projects.

We respect our products and their producers

We place importance on obtaining quality seasonal local raw materials produced organically, leading to the change in our menu based on the seasonal availability of our select ingredients. Through the fusion of traditional recipes and current tendencies, we maintain a close connection with the sea and the fields. Our commitment to protecting the local heritage and promoting local agricultural varieties defines our work philosophy.

Our Equality Plan is currently under planning

Policies of well-being that protect work stability and family balance of the workers are essential. We have a staff of 26 workers, several of whom are family. For many years the majority of our management positions have been held by women.

Coming soon Equality Plan

We are committed to the Valencian Tourism Code of Ethics

We guarantee “the cordial and reciprocal recognition of dignity for all people, in observance of the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms that constitute the basis of our hospitality”. We reaffirm our involvement with Valencian society and the activities in the maritime neighbourhood of Cabanyal-Canyamelar. Additionally, we organise bi-monthly gatherings with the cultural leaders of the city.

The consolidation of Casa Montaña as a sustainable enterprise is the current challenge of this centenary tavern.

We have a dedicated area for bicycle and scooter parking, tyre pump, tyre repair kit, and battery charger. The restaurant can be reached by public transport with any of the following options:

  • Metro lines 5 and 7 (Marítim Serrería)
  • Tram line 8 (Marítim Serrería or Marina Real Joan Carles I)
  • Busses:
    • Comissaria Policia – Marítim stop with line 95
    • Reina – Armada Espanyola stop with lines 19 and 92
    • Mediterránia – Vicent Brull stop with lines 31, 81 and 99
    • Marítim – Serradora stop with lines 4, 92 and 99