• 1836
    It seems as though nothing has changed at Casa Montaña since it was established in 1836. Always a favourite rendezvous for politicians, intellectuals and artists, it nowadays enjoys positive recognition in the most exclusive publications of gastronomy, wine and travel.
  • 1861
    It was in 1861 that Casa Montaña experienced its first generational shift, when Ramona Montaña Romeu, daughter of the founders, inherited the business.
  • 1880
    The first of several renovations to the original adobe house took place in 1880, creating the modernist facade of the building we see nowadays.
  • 1907
    In 1907, The married couple Omedes-Doménech bought Casa Montaña for the sum of 10.000 ptas. (60€ in today’s money).
  • 1960
    María Pérez, widow of the great-grandson of the founders, headed the business until 1960.
    In that same year the tavern would experience another transfer, this time to Enrique Guerra, who owned it for a mere two years.
  • 1962
    The ownership of the historic tavern would again change hands in September 1962, when it passed to René Soriano March and his wife, Juana María Reus March.
  • 1991
    This couple directed Casa Montaña from 1962 until 1991, when the Spanish artist Santiago Polo García became the new owner.
  • 1994
    In 1994, Casa Montaña once again changed hands, when it was purchased by Emiliano García Domene, its current owner and the most recent driving force behind the wine and gastronomic tradition that is the hallmark of this historic Valencian tavern.
  • 2006
    Finally, in 2006 Alejandro García, son of Emiliano and an engineer by profession, joined Casa Montaña in a generational shift that guarantees the continued evolution of a project such as Casa Montaña, where modernity lives in perfect harmony with tradition.